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About Burt

I was born in a little wood near Vogelsang which was place of tranquility until those noisy soldiers came along to do their army training.  My brother Clint was born nearby in another forest known as the East Wood, odd name for a log Clint from the East Wood (come on work with me here). 

Mac found me and took me back with him and sort of adopted me as his friend and companion and we started to travel everywhere together. I have been on exercises in germany for weeks at end, been to a few pubs, walked up many a mountain in Bavaria, Wales and Scotland and even attended his Regimental Dinner event as a guest at the top table.

I now live with Mac and his family in Shropshire and enjoy a nice quiet life of retirement looking out of the window as the years drift past.

The picture opposite is me as a young shoot many years ago now.


Burt The Log - Family Tee

Me as a youngster

Me in my younger days